The purpose of the Society is:

To educate its membership and the public in the most up-to-date horticultural methods of Rose-growing.

To promote the Rose as a symbol of love, peace, beauty and friendship and encourage rose gardening as an enjoyable hobby.

To honor the Rose as the floral emblem of our Country by sharing roses within the community.

To support the American Rose Society in its work as a conservation, preservation and research organization dedicated to roses.

To encourage membership in the American Rose Society as dedicated to rose horticulture and its purpose to aid amateur, expert and hobbyists in growing roses.

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Walter Petroski


Bob Brookhart

Vice President

Denise Mraz

Recording Secretary

Daryl Michael, Jr.


Open position

Corresponding Secretary

Teresa Ramsey


Open Position


Bob Brookhart


Certified Rosarians

Jim Zimmerman

Englewood, OH

Barbara Zimmerman

Englewood, OH

Dr. Gary Barlow

Fairborn, OH

Wayne Ramsey

Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

Sue Witwer

Dayton, OH

Featured Members

We would like to introduce you to some of the people in our society of rose lovers. Many of these folks have been the strength, the foundation, and our leadership for many years. The MVRS is very fortunate to have several knowledgeable, accomplished growers, arrangers, educators, judges, and award-winning members. Frequently, these adjectives can be attributed to each person that is presented to you!

As Webmaster, I leave it for the historians to describe the roots of the MVRS, the activities, and its acknowledgments. Below you will find a link to the society’s history, which was edited and mostly compiled by our member, Dr. Gary Barlow.

The Barbara and Jim Zimmerman Story

Our History

This was quite a project! Our undertaking of constructing a history booklet for the Miami Valley Rose Society was fraught with many potential pitfalls. Our sixty-seven year history alone exposes us to issues like dimming memories and the possibility that records of important events were misplaced, or even undocumented at any particular time. Something as relevant as an interesting photograph, without the supporting names of the participants, can be frustrating and deny the true significance of the content or the activity.

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