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Cultivating roses anywhere is most successful if we learn how to give them the care they need before we start! Most of us don’t do that and most of us learn by correcting mistakes! That’s okay, and that’s why we are here. The Miami Valley Rose Society (MVRS) in Dayton, Ohio places us in the growing zone 5. We are dedicated rose lovers and growers that want to help you  grow beautiful roses. Our members participate in the MVRS for their own enjoyment, for learning how to show roses competitively, and for socializing with fellow gardeners, particularly in Zone 5.

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Jim Zimmerman, Master Rosarian - Englewood, OH
Barbara Zimmerman - Englewood, OH
Dr. Gary Barlow - Fairborn, OH
Wayne Ramsey - Grosse Pointe, MI
Sue Witwer - Dayton, OH

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The mission of this Society is to encourage interest in and cultivation of the rose in our community, to be affliated with the American Rose Society and to spread the love of the Rose wherever and whenever possible.


Our undertaking of constructing a history booklet for the Miami Valley Rose Society was fraught with many potential pitfalls. Our sixty-seven year history alone exposes us to issues like dimming memories and the possibility that records of important events were misplaced, or even undocumented at any particular time. Something as relevant as an interesting photograph, without the supporting names of the participants, can be frustrating and deny the true significance of the content or the activity.

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